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About Us

At WALK THE DOG MAIN LINE , we are not only dog walkers, we also have great experience in pet sitting. We will care for your pets as we would care for our own, with loving one-on-one attention in your own home, providing the best quality service possible.

Your pet's comfort is ultimately what matters, not only to you but to us as well.

We will customize a care plan to suit your needs. We are bonded and insured for your protection and are members of Pet Sitters International.

Here's how we get started:

Make sure your pet is up to date on all shots, flea & tick treatments.
Disclose any & all pet behavior issues. This is for the safety of both the pet sitter and the animals we care for.
All pets must wear identification tags with a contact number while in our care.
All pets scheduled for walks must have an adequate leash and collar.
All areas of your home to which the pet has access must be pet-proofed.
Client must ensure WALK THE DOG MAIN LINE access to the home and any necessary security system information. In the event we are not given a working key and or correct alarm information, the client will be charged for the visit.
Notify WALK THE DOG MAIN LINE if there will be anyone else having access to your home while we are providing service.